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How to Use PowerShell’s Invoke-WMIMethod

The ability to query properties isn’t the only thing available by WMI, you can also use it to take action through various WMI providers by invoking methods. In this tutorial, […]


How to Impersonate in Powershell

PowerShell has various properties and parameters set for each object it contains. It even has a parameter for the Get-WmiObject where you can impersonate a user. In this tutorial, you […]


Understanding the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

Windows Management Instrumentation, otherwise known as WMI, provides a standard interface in order to allow interaction with Windows-based system regardless of the hardware and Windows version. In this tutorial, you […]


Using Regular Expressions in PowerShell Part I

Part I out of II of Using Regular Expressions in PowerShell. Regular expressions are strings that describe a search pattern. Depending on the type of search at hand will determine […]


Growing Arrays Dynamically in PowerShell

We initiate how many elements an array has at the beginning. What if you need more memory space allocated for additional elements? In this tutorial, you will learn how to […]


Installing Windows PowerShell 2

I’m sure you are excited and ready to install PowerShell 2! Glad to be of service. This tutorial is meant to assist with understanding the installation and what is needed […]

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