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Using the Switch Statement in PowerShell

An important form of selection in programming is the switch selection or switch statement. Using if/else and embedded if/else statements within each other can only work a majority of the […]


Using Loops in PowerShell Part II

Part II of Using Loops in PowerShell. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use foreach loops in PowerShell. Setup If you have not already done so, click open […]


Using Loops in PowerShell Part I

Some tasks need to be repeated for a variety of variables or processes. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use for-loops in PowerShell. Setup If you have not already […]


Getting to Know Tab Expansion

Sometimes, we all forget vital parts of code and may not have the necessary time or resources to look back or even to write down what we previously have done! […]


Writing Your First PowerShell Command

In this tutorial, you will be writing your first command in Windows PowerShell. At the end of this tutorial you will learn how to fire up PowerShell and get a small […]


Installing Windows PowerShell 2

I’m sure you are excited and ready to install PowerShell 2! Glad to be of service. This tutorial is meant to assist with understanding the installation and what is needed […]


Constant and Read-Only Variables

Variables, are as their name imply, variable. Having constant and read-only variables may sound a little strange, however, in a majority of scripting and programming languages, they are normally called […]


Understanding Automatic Variables in Powershell

In PowerShell, one has the ability to call a variable just about any name in the book. The only exceptions to this are the variables that are already being managed […]

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