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Working with Binary in Powershell

Introduction In most cases when working in Powershell, you may run across raw computer language or occasionally some binary. As we all know, binary comes in sequences of 1′s and […]

Basic Line Editing Tricks for Powershell

Introduction Powershell can be a great program with limitless possibilities, especially when dealing with remote server management. If you are constantly having to manage your server and find having to […]

Query XML Data with Powershell

Introduction XML files and data can be over encumbering and confusing to read. With the help of PowerShell this tutorial is going to help you learn how to query XML […]

Create an XML Variable in PowerShell

Introduction In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create an XML variable in PowerShell. A what? Yes, you read correctly, PowerShell supports XML as a native data type. […]

Hash Tables in Windows Powershell

Introduction Today we’re going to be creating hash tables in Windows Powershell. A hash table is basically an associative array that uses key value pairs to store information. Many data […]


How to Impersonate in Powershell

PowerShell has various properties and parameters set for each object it contains. It even has a parameter for the Get-WmiObject where you can impersonate a user. In this tutorial, you […]


Casting Values in Powershell

Some objects or functions expect a particular data type and sometimes, you might just need a particular output that requires a different data type or the combination of two different […]


Working with PowerShell Objects Via Variables

One good fact to remember is that variables point to objects. Knowing this, one can simply treat the variable as the object itself. In this tutorial, you will learn how […]


Getting the Right Output in PowerShell

At times when you wish to get a particular output, you get more than you asked. The default output will at times give you exactly what you want, or a […]


Using Regular Expressions in PowerShell Part I

Part I out of II of Using Regular Expressions in PowerShell. Regular expressions are strings that describe a search pattern. Depending on the type of search at hand will determine […]

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