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How to Use PowerShell’s Invoke-WMIMethod

The ability to query properties isn’t the only thing available by WMI, you can also use it to take action through various WMI providers by invoking methods. In this tutorial, […]


How to Impersonate in Powershell

PowerShell has various properties and parameters set for each object it contains. It even has a parameter for the Get-WmiObject where you can impersonate a user. In this tutorial, you […]


Casting Values in Powershell

Some objects or functions expect a particular data type and sometimes, you might just need a particular output that requires a different data type or the combination of two different […]


Working with PowerShell Objects Via Variables

One good fact to remember is that variables point to objects. Knowing this, one can simply treat the variable as the object itself. In this tutorial, you will learn how […]


Growing Arrays Dynamically in PowerShell

We initiate how many elements an array has at the beginning. What if you need more memory space allocated for additional elements? In this tutorial, you will learn how to […]


Understanding PowerShell Commands

PowerShell commands, also known as Cmdlets, are defined within PowerShell as classes that implement their functionality by using .NET code. They are really .NET classes compiled into Dynamic Link Libraries […]


Accessing the Alias Drive in PowerShell

There are many drives and one can find that they can be named after any letter of the alphabet. Drive letters can map to either a physical, logical or network […]


Deleting Aliases in PowerShell

Once one creates aliases, at times they find one or two must be deleted. In this tutorial, you will learn how to delete the aliases you’ve created in PowerShell. Setup […]


Creating Aliases in PowerShell

Aliases come in handy when the length of commands become a bit tedious. It acts as a second name to whatever command you designate to it. In this tutorial, you […]


Writing Your First PowerShell Command

In this tutorial, you will be writing your first command in Windows PowerShell. At the end of this tutorial you will learn how to fire up PowerShell and get a small […]

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